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144B: Are you sure this is foreplay?Uh, yeah, I did it a few times,hello?

BlakHat1:Product placements gone mad:"One small step for man... One giant leap for Cheezy Poofs !"

BlackHat1: "I'm one bad mutha.." "shut yo mouth!" "jus' talkin' bout me!" "I can dig it!"

BlakHat1: "Duuude, party over at Nerve A's! They've got an X molecule!"

Buffoon: The negative of the close up picture of my ex-wifes heart, letterbox edition.

Generik: "It's actually quite clever,Spock. You see, a small picture comes up on the screen, and then you think of a funny caption to go with it." "Highly illogical."

Generik: "I'd really like to thank the whole crew for this wonderful gift of testicle warmers. I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of them...."

GersonK: "Psst, Captain, there's six minutes left, should we really still be alive?"

McJAUSTACAJUN: "Velcro balls?... the hell? i mean... that's illogical!"

teambanzai: My navel ring is caught on your belt buckle.

BlakHat1: Have you seen this President? Last seen wandering off into the White House garden looking for stem cells. If you see him please call...

teambanzai: Sir, I just want to kill and look good doing it.

MrAtomik: I'm looking for a pet we can eat if Billy here doesn't clean up after it like he promised.

darkestfire: The Dorky Senior dating hotline. Meet other dorky seniors like yourself. Marry one! Embarrass your children!

teambanzai: And as she reached for the hair dryer, Ted realized that his girlfriend had no idea what he meant went he asked her to 'blow him'

Hinermad: Neither saw the hidden veg-a-matic until it was too late. Ron Popiel had claimed 2 more victims.

Indika: "I had sex with Leonardo DiCaprio.... then the damned ship ran into an iceberg..."

Teambanzai: "Borrow it from you mom"

JAUSTRALIS: ..well, his pulse is we better start the autopsy soon, so he can tell us what he died from.

JAUSTRALIS: even thought Bob was serious.. no one jumped up to save him when he said.. 'I'LL KILL MYSELF! I'll STRANGLE myself RIGHT here!'

tin_of_whoopass: Children as young as 9 have been found abusing chocolate syrup.

JAUSTRALIS: Hmmm.. i keep hearing something... it sounds like Yanni...or either someone murdering a squirrel...either way.. it's not good.

LukeSolo: The new Snack-Size Compac Presario

YetiMan: "This reminds me of that time we had sex on the ball return." "We never had sex on the ball return." "Oh, must have been me and some of the guys."

MrAtomik: Will the REAL Grim Reaper please step Forward!

Racerex: 'Frankly, men, that glowing curly-fry back there is giving me the creeps!"

YetiMan: What do you mean 'some of the guys'?" "Um I mean Me and some of the guys joked about it....yeah." "Good. I thought you had seen me." "What!?!"

Saltydog: "I know oriental death touch, Yankee devil! All I have to do is touch you on your nose like this--Oh damn...!"

JAUSTRALIS: "YEAH! same to YOU buddy!"

JAUSTRALIS: "I'm gonna kill you now....(Snap ..snap) can you dig it?" (snap... snap....) "yeah baby.."(snap...snap...)